Have you heard about Dreamstate Festival 2017 ?

What is Dreamstate festival ? Encompassed by uplifting atmosphere and transcending melodies, Dreamstate is an oasis for Dreamers, dancers and lovers. Envision a world where ethereal beats and timeless melodies rescue you from the everyday and transport you to a higher state of consciousness. Trance music has the power to connect, the power to soothe, and the power to heal. Here, we experience that power together.

Don’t miss Dreamstate Fest 2017  Hologramic experience. What is it exactly ? The Hologram Show is one of the most unique and innovative projects developed in the last year. Iboga Records and FMBookings’ team of technicians has created a unique show unlike anything the scene has witnessed before: a massive, 3D psychedelic hologram experience. The Hologram Show moves around the globe to give people a new experience, where music and visuals become one. The psytrance scene is in constant development. It’s a place where people come to synchronize their frequencies, experience great music, and get inspired. With the Hologram Show, Iboga Records and FMBookings are taking psytrance events to the next level.

For more info on the entirety programmation of Dreamstate Festival 2017 :



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